Welcome to E.S.C.H.E.R. Corporation and our very private, very exclusive Unique handbook on the World Wide Web!

Since E.S.C.H.E.R. was founded more than three decades ago, we have been at the forefront of the technological advances and discoveries that have changed our world. Now you have a chance to be a very big part of it all.

As you read the upcoming pages of our handbook, you will see a world that may seem strange and unusual. I assure you every word of it is true. E.S.C.H.E.R. Corp is the very real and tangible proof of that reality and you, as a Unique, now stand at the center of E.S.C.H.E.R. Corp.

We are pleased that you are now a part of the E.S.C.H.E.R. family. I look forward to meeting you in person but until that time, I welcome you to our world.
Preston Fowler, CEO