As a Unique, you do not have a dimensional twin. There is no one in the other reality that will mirror you or affect you in any way. As a Unique you are not a part of the Reciprocity Effect. The prevalence of Uniques is so small that there are no statistics available. Even fewer are Uniques that can cross realities, from one to the other. This can be a problem and E.S.C.H.E.R. Corp is here to help you.

If you have experienced strange dreams where you feel like you are in another reality you may be one of the rare Uniques. This kind of inter-reality transcendence is called “phasing” and most often occurs when the Unique is unconscious. And most infrequent is the Unique that can phase while awake. This skillful feat is called “jaunting”. Even though Uniques are very rare, with billions of people in either reality, they still number in the thousands and can have a major influence on both worlds if they consciously choose to do so. Again, E.S.C.H.E.R. Corp is here to help you adjust.